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3 Way Screwdriver Tester L0038

3 Way Screwdriver Tester

Circuit Tester S0011

Circuit Tester

Digital Voltage Tester L0034

Digital Voltage Tester

Digital Voltage Tester L0035

Digital Voltage Tester

Ridgid RE 130-M Manual Hydraulic Crimp Tool

Introducing the world’s lightest and easiest-to-use 130kN Manual Hydraulic Crimp Tool with C-Frame Weighing only 5.3 kgs, the RE 130-M provides 130kN of hydraulic force output to crimp copper lugs and connectors up to 400 mm2. The RE 130-M is specially designed for one-person operation. It features an industry-exclusive Head Stand which allows users to more easily position the cable and lug between dies and crimp with greater stability. For increased maneuverability in tight spaces, the crimp head can be rotated up to 330°. Featuring the patent-pending RIDGID® RapidAdvance System™, the RE 130-M requires only 2 pumps to engage the lug. This minimizes unnecessary pumping and reduces user fatigue. It includes an integrated pressure-relief valve that indicates when the maximum pressure is reached and the crimp is complete. The ram can then be manually retracted by simply pressing on the pressure release lever.
₱172,000.00 ₱94,600.00

Ridgid RE 60 Electrical Tool

Introducing the world’s most versatile electrical tool. The RE 60 from RIDGID® features our unique QuickChange System™, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between interchangeable heads for cutting, crimping and punching. Now your important tasks can be accomplished with one innovative tool. No more back and forth to the truck, searching for different tools. Whether you’re cutting wire, crimping lugs or punching boxes, the RE 60 helps you maximize your productivity and efficiency on the jobsite.
₱434,000.00 ₱238,700.00

Tactix Tester - 140mm

Tester, 125-250v L.140mm/5-1/2"

Tactix Tester - 190mm

Tester, 125-250v L.190mm/7-1/2"

Trisco Cylinder Leaking Tester Kit, LT-400

Cylinder Leaking Tester Kit

Trisco Professional Vacuum & Fuel Pump Tester, G-311

Professional Vacuum & Fuel Pump Tester

Trisco Tach/Dwell Tester, R-450

Tach/Dwell Tester

Twister Wire Hook-For Rebar TW0011

Twister Wire Hook-For Rebar

Voltage Tester L0037

Voltage Tester