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Auto Repair & Maintenance

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21-Piece Auto-use Repair
DCA Trimmer AMP02-6
₱2,405.00 ₱3,700.00
1050W 5Kgs SDS Max Chipper
2100W 30Kg 28mm Hex Pavement Breaker with Trolley
₱100,985.50 ₱183,610.00
2000W Digital LED Heatgun
₱3,107.50 ₱5,650.00
Large angle grinder
₱7,634.00 ₱13,880.00
1200W 2 Speed Magnetic Drill Press 50mm
₱58,355.00 ₱106,100.00
710W 22mm 2Kg 3 mode SDS+ hAMMER
₱10,065.00 ₱18,300.00
1600W 8Kg SDS Max Combination Hammer
₱41,855.00 ₱76,100.00
Tapered Reamer
Tapered Reamer
12"Coil Spring Compressor
19mm Universal Nut Splitter Cracker (Black)
3/4” Drive Cup-Type Oil Filter Wrench Set (Black)
4 Pcs. Snap Ring Plier Set ( Interchangeable Type), ATA-0304
2003A Pitman Arm Puller (Black/Silver)
ATC-2023 Universal Ball Joint Puller (Black/Silver)
ATC-2024 20MM Universal Ball Joint Puller (Black/Silver)
Magnetic Telescopic Pick Up Tool (Black/Gold)
Flexible Magnetic Pick Up Tool (Red/Silver)
ATR-3030 Tire Patch Roller Stitcher (Black)
Ball Joint Separator (Silver)
Ball Joint Separator Tie Rod End Lifter (Black)
Licota Brake Fluid Bleeder Kit
Butt Welding Clamp Set (Blue/Silver)
Clincher Type Oil Filter Wrench (Red/Silver)
Cooling System Radiator Pressure Tester Leak Detector Gasket Test Kit Set